Virginia Containment Strategy for Novel or Targeted MDROs

In Virginia, a systematic public health response and investigation occurs upon identification of every novel or targeted MDRO. The public health response involves:

  1. Promptly detecting the presence of carbapenemases in clinical specimens or pan-resistant isolates;
  2. Collecting the least amount of information needed to determine appropriate recommendations based on CDC Containment Strategy Guidance;
  3. Verifying appropriate infection control measures (e.g., contact precautions, private room) are implemented by the healthcare facility to stop transmission, and performing onsite assessments of infection prevention practices;
  4. Identifying affected patients, determining whether transmission to other patients is occurring or has occurred, and recommending appropriate infection control measures to stop further transmission;
  5. Facilitating colonization screenings of high-risk healthcare contacts so that additional infection prevention measures can be put into place; and
  6. Continuing to work with the facility or setting on enhanced surveillance and implementation of infection prevention practices. for Novel or Targeted MDROs.