HAI Advisory Group

Virginia Healthcare-Associated Infections Advisory Group


The Virginia Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) Advisory Group is a voluntary, statewide, multidisciplinary group that coordinates the efforts of the Commonwealth’s HAI stakeholders to align strategies, share information and resources, and produce synergies that will accelerate statewide and individual institutional progress in preventing HAIs and antimicrobial resistance (AR).

The group is co-led by the 1) Virginia Department of Health, 2) Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association, and 3) Health Quality Innovators, the Virginia Quality Innovation Network – Quality Improvement Organization.

     2020 HAI Advisory Group Membership List

     Purpose and Mission

Read about the 2017 Accomplishments and the 2018 Accomplishments of the Virginia HAI Advisory Group!


2019 - SIGoVA Antimicrobial Resistance Virtual Research Symposium

2019 - Nursing Education Campaign on Antimicrobial Stewardship

2019 - Bridge the Gap Long-Term Care Training Materials

2018 - Outpatient Acute Bronchitis for Adults Algorithm

2018 - Outpatient Acute Sinusitis for Adults and Pediatric Patients Algorithm

2018 - Outpatient Acute Pharyngitis for Adults and Pediatric Patients Algorithm

2017 - Antibiotic Stewardship Basics for Multi-Disciplinary Healthcare Professionals: On-demand education modules to introduce nurses, pharmacists, and practitioners to the basics of an appropriate Antibiotic Stewardship Program. Continuing education credits available upon successful completion of a module and post-test.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Resources for CRE and CRPA Surveillance and Investigation

2017 Consensus Statement on the Annual Vaccination of Healthcare Workers for Influenza Prevention

2017 Virginia State and Regional Cumulative Antibiogram 

Virginia Antimicrobial Stewardship Honor Roll for Acute Care Hospitals

Infection Prevention Education Workgroup

This workgroup focuses on providing education and trainings for healthcare workers in order to provide tools and resources to help decrease HAIs. It also assists the other workgroups with educational support on current priority issues and healthcare concerns related to HAIs.

Antibiotic Stewardship Workgroup

The Antibiotic Stewardship workgroup aims to ensure the appropriate use of antibiotics, improve patient outcomes, decrease adverse effects, reduce antimicrobial resistance, and decrease health care costs.

Annual Priority Workgroup

Every year, this workgroup decides on a specific HAI topic of concern that has statewide implications. The annual priority for 2019 is standing up the Virginia Frontline Provider Infectious Disease Advisors group. The goal is to get feedback from frontline providers on the challenges of working with patients and staff on the prevention and control of multidrug-resistant organisms. Find out more information and see how to sign up here.

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