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HAI & AR Navigator Newsletter

HAI & AR Navigator, news from VDH healthcare associated infections and antimicrobial resistance program
Our HAI/AR Program newsletter, the HAI & AR Navigator is published on a bimonthly basis and distributed electronically to hospital infection preventionists, key stakeholders from other healthcare facilities and membership organizations, as well as health department staff.

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Regional Infection Prevention Teams in Action

This quarterly newsletter spotlights the essential role and accomplishments of the VDH Regional Infection Preventionists.


Resources for Clinicians

Find resources for clinicians, including VDH's Clinician Letters, the primary method of sharing critical public health information to healthcare providers throughout the state of Virginia.

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Health Alert Network (HAN)

CDC’s Health Alert Network (HAN) is CDC’s primary method of sharing cleared information about urgent public health incidents with public information officers; federal, state, territorial, tribal, and local public health practitioners; clinicians; and public health laboratories.

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