To speak to any of the members of the HAI/AR team, please call 804-864-8141 or email

The VDH HAI/AR Program is housed in the Division of Clinical Epidemiology, which is responsible for monitoring for the occurrence of reportable and emerging diseases or suspected outbreaks of illness, providing recommendations and guidance to prevent the spread of communicable diseases, and investigating outbreaks of disease and other public health emergencies.

Other resources within the health department to help prevent infections within healthcare or residential facilities:

Local health districts

Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response

  • Contains information on personal preparedness and facility preparedness for natural and man-made emergencies.

Office of Environmental Health

  • Protects the public’s health by preventing the transmission of disease through food, milk, shellfish, water, and sewage in partnership with other agencies to protect the environment.
  • Food safety – provides information on food regulations as well as foodborne disease data and food recalls.
  • For questions about bed bugs, contact the Bedding and Upholstered Furniture Inspection Program.

Office of Epidemiology

  • Epidemiology Fact Sheets
  • Division of Disease Prevention
    • Maintains a variety of programs to eliminate, prevent, and control disease, disability, and death caused by HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, other sexually transmitted diseases, and tuberculosis.
    • Tuberculosis (TB) Control and Prevention Program
      • For more information on TB in healthcare settings, click here to go to the Other Infections and Conditions page of the VDH HAI website.
  • Division of Immunization
    • Tracks trends in vaccine-preventable diseases; maintains the Virginia Immunization Information System (VIIS), the statewide immunization registry for the public and private sectors; manages the Virginia Vaccines for Children program; coordinates the Virginia Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program; and runs the Virginia Adult Hepatitis B Initiative
  • Also includes the Division of Environmental Epidemiology, Division of Pharmacy Services, and Division of Radiological Health.

Office of Licensure and Certification

  • Administers state licensing programs for hospitals, outpatient surgical hospitals, nursing facilities, home care organizations, and hospice programs.  Conducts inspections to satisfy state licensure requirements.  Investigates consumer complaints regarding the quality of health care services received.
  • For nursing homes – more information on working with the VDH Office of Licensure and Certification
  • For more general information about licensure and certification, please see Licensure and Certification.