Information for Health Care Professionals

Information for Health Care Professionals

Disease Informationhealthcareworker

Pertussis Chapter – Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine Preventable Diseases (Pink Book) (5/2012)
Pertussis Diagnostics Pamphlet – Association of Public Health Laboratories
Best Practices for Health Care Professionals on the Use of PCR Tests for Diagnosing Pertussis CDC
Specimen collection videos from CDC  CDC
Hear What Pertussis Sounds Like (PKIDS)
Pertussis Surveillance Summary for Virginia- 2012 (VDH)
Ten-Year Trend in Reported Cases of Pertussis and Other Notifiable Diseases- 2012 (VDH)

Letters and Report from VDH and Professional Organizations

Report of the Health Commissioner’s Pertussis Prevention Task Force (5/2012)
Joint Letter from the ACOG, AAP, VAFP, VACEP and VDH (12/2011)

Vaccine Information

Vaccine Recommendations (DTaP and Tdap) Across the Lifespan CDC
Recommendations for Tdap during Pregnancy (2/2013)
CDC Immunization & Pregnancy Chart for Providers CDC
Healthcare Personnel Vaccination Recommendations  MMWR (11/2011)
Updated Tdap Recommendations MMWR  (1/2011)
Tdap Vaccination Strategies for Adults and Adolescents, including Health Care Personnel Joint Commission (2/2011)

Continuing Education and FAQs

Ask the Experts- Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis FAQs  Immunization Action Coalition
CME: AAP, CDC Update Whooping Cough Vaccine Recommendations 0.25 CME/CE Medscape (expires 9/2012) *log-in required
FAQs for Use/Off-Label Use of Tdap
FAQs for Tdap Insurance Coverage for Virginia Providers

Sample Standing Orders

Standing Orders for Administering DTaP Vaccine to Children Younger than 7 Years
Standing Orders for Administering Td/Tdap Vaccine to Adults
Standing Orders for Administering Td/Tdap Vaccine to Children Ages 7 years and Older