Virginia Vaccines for Adults (VVFA) and Bridge

Manager: Crista Sullivan, MBA

Immunizations are not just for children.  Immunizations are needed across the lifespan. All adults need immunizations to help them prevent getting and spreading serious diseases.

The Virginia Vaccines for Adults (VVFA) program is managed by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), Division of Immunization (DOI).  Barriers to adult immunization are reduced through utilization of providers located in underserved areas. DOI supplies federally and state purchased vaccine at no cost to adult health care providers.

Enrolled sites will provide vaccines in accordance with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) adult schedule. While this program includes all ACIP recommended adult vaccines, sites are not obligated to stock all available ACIP recommended vaccines.

Patients who are fully insured are not eligible for VVFA. This includes anyone with insurance that covers the cost of vaccine, even if the insurance includes a high deductible or co-pay, or if a claim for the cost of the vaccine and its administration would be denied for payment by the insurance carrier because the plan’s deductible has not been met.

Enrolled sites must report doses administered through the Virginia Immunization Information System (VIIS) and participate in a quality assurance visit annually.

If you have any questions about VVFA, please call 1-800-568-1929 or 1-804-864-8055.

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