The goal of VIIS is to support individuals, families and clinicians in making the best health decisions by providing a statewide, readily accessible and reliable Immunization Information System. The Virginia Immunization Information System (VIIS) is a free statewide registry system which combines immunization histories for persons of all ages from both the public and the private sector.

New Vaccine Reporting Mandate

New legislation was introduced in January 2021 which requires all healthcare providers who administer vaccines to participate in VIIS. This new mandate went into effect on January 1, 2022. Watch the presentation sponsored by our partners ImmunizeVA and the Virginia Chapter of the AAP.
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VERIP Registration

Registering in VERIP is fast and free! Once a site is enrolled and trained, each user will have their own personal VIIS account.

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Data Exchange

Data exchange is a method of transferring immunization data from an existing electronic system and into the Virginia Immunization Registry System (VIIS).

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VIIS has security of our clients in mind along with the Virginia Codes to allow those who may need access to gain it through the appropriate requirements.

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Health Care Providers and Pharmacies

A place for health care providers to have access to additional information and resources. Information on how VIIS can work for your pharmacy.

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As a parent we want to make sure you have all the information you need to understand the benefits of VIIS and we can provide you the information here.

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Are you a school and would like to learn more about having access to VIIS? Get more information!

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A collection of our newsletters and awards. We provide a quarterly newsletter.

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Check out our FAQs for general questions as we are always updating them to make sure you have the answers to questions others have asked.

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VIIS Resources/Training

For registered organizations who might need additional training or maybe a refresher?

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Access VIIS

Immunization information is accessible to authorized users only. If you are not a user or participant please reach out to our staff before using.

Enter VIIS Application

Are you in need of VIIS registration and/or training?
Contact your Regional Trainer or the VIIS Help Desk:

Northern Region

Theresa Woodyard

South Central Region

Zenobia Blue-Bey

South East Region

Elfreda Tyler-Anderson

South West Region

Kimberly Jones

West Central Region

Reena Patel

Help Desk

Phone: 866-375-9795


"I just have to tell you how much I LOVE the VIIS system. I’m going through my tickler file of children late for immunizations and am using VIIS before I send out letters. EVERY CHILD I’ve checked has gotten immunizations elsewhere. YEAH!!!!!!"
Kim Carlton BSN, RN,BC
King William Health Department
"The earliest date to vaccinate is a great tool. I love that VIIS lets you know if a vaccine is invalid and it guides you through the process of entering vaccines."
Connie Blanks, RN
Altavista Medical Center
"VIIS is the best information system for health care providers to obtain proof of immunization. Once you are trained, one wondered why it took us so long to use the new tool."
Pat Yates, RN
Christiansburg Family Medicine
"Fairfax County and Alexandria Health Departments have recognized and given ALL Pediatrics awards this year for the significant importance we have contributed to our communities through our use, support, and diligence with encouraging other offices on the benefits of VIIS. The Health Departments also commended our practice on making it easier for them to locate so many records, as a high percentage has been entered into the system by our practice. Even with an EMR, the practice utilizes VIIS as our primary immunization record for all our patients."
Sheryl Davis, RN
All Pediatrics
"I have been in nursing for more than 30 years and have never used a tool like VIIS (the Virginia Immunization Information System). VIIS is the best thing ever invented and everyone in the state should be using it. It has saved me so much time. I do not have to call the providers or the local health departments as much for shot records. Most of my patients are in VIIS with a partial or full record."
Niki Hooper, RN
Travel Health of Williamsburg
"When we are reviewing immunization records at the start of the year for students new to the county it is great to see if they are there instead of calling parents or doctor offices! It is also great to see at the end of the school year for the 5th graders to see if they have a TDAP. IT (VIIS) saves a gigantic amount of time!"
Sara Tomlin, School Nurse
Nelson County Public Schools