The purpose of VIIS is to create one definitive and accurate immunization record for all residing in Virginia. This can increase immunization rates and decrease rates of over-immunization

There is no cost associated with maintaining a record in VIIS or with the use of the registry system.  Access to authorized users, training, and customer support is free.

An authorized user are:

  • Health care provider or health plans
  • Schools head start programs, and day care centers.
  • Individuals or organizations as required by law or in the management of a public health crisis
  • Other immunization registries

Authority to Share Immunizations in § 32.1-46Are schools and child-care centers able to access vaccine records in VIIS?

Yes, as long as the school has a licensed health care professional who is gaining access to VIIS.

Yes, VIIS contains historical information. Immunization records can also be updated with historical data.

Data exchange from your office’s EHR to VIIS is possible and will afford your office most benefits of VIIS without doing data entry into the EHR and VIIS.

You can contact VIIS staff by phone at 804-864-8055 or by email at VIISInfo@vdh.virginia.gov

Many offices have successfully integrated VIIS into the current business flow without disruption. Methods for integration can be discussed with your VIIS field consultant.

To gain access to VIIS, the site must complete the enrollment forms and training. Enroll Here.

Yes, as VIIS is run by the Virginia Department of Health and accessed by authorized users it is HIPAA compliant