VIIS Registration

What is VERIP?

VERIP (Virginia Electronic Registration for Immunization Programs) is a web-based registration system for the Division of Immunization. Providers must complete a registration in VERIP before access to VIIS (Virginia Immunization Information System) is granted.

All VIIS Organizations are required to register in VERIP and sign the security agreements. Registrations are renewed annually. Office staff are encouraged to attend a VIIS training session before login credentials are given.

Download a PDF version of
VIIS Onboarding Toolkit

Each VERIP registration must have at least one individual who will be the VERIP User for the organization.  The VERIP User is the main point-of-contact on the registration and responsible for ensuring the organization’s registration is updated annually.

The VIIS Administrator is the primary contact for those using VIIS at an organization.  The Administrator must be added to the registration, and, will receive an email from VERIP which will contain the VDH security agreements that must be signed electronically.  The Administrator is expected to keep track of the following:

  • Staff using VIIS have been properly trained to access the registry reset passwords for users.
  • Reactivate and inactivate VIIS user accounts.
  • Be able to train internal staff or schedule training with a VIIS Trainer.
A few useful tips when completing the online registration:

  • Each VERIP User and VIIS Administrator will need a unique email address.
  • A valid medical license number (MLN) with an expiration date, type of license and issuing state are required.
  • Your site can indicate interest in data exchange by selecting YES to the data exchange question. The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) will open in a new window on the Agreements tab.
  • Please print, sign and fax the MOA to at (804) 864-8190.
  • To access the registration website, click on the VERIP button below. Select one of the following:
    • If this is your organization’s first time completing a registration, click “New to VERIP? Register Here” to start a new registration.
    • If your organization has completed a registration in VERIP, click “Already Registered? Login Here”.

Once your registration is reviewed, a VIIS Trainer will contact your office to discuss training options. Training is customized to fit your needs, whether you are a private provider, school, correctional facility, health department, or VFC provider.

Questions about Registering?

Email VIIS to schedule your live training today.