Environmental Health

Food Protection

The Food Protection program inspects and permits food service establishments including restaurants, mobile food units (food trucks), and public food service (hospitals, schools, and child/adult care facilities).

Our inspectors also assist in the investigation of potential food-borne illness outbreaks. Reviews are conducted on construction plans for new or remodeled facilities.

• To view a restaurant inspection report, visit the VDH Food Inspections page.

Recreational Facilities

The Recreational Facilities program provides health and safety inspections at regulated public facilities including public swimming pools, children's summer camps, campgrounds, and fairs/festivals.


The Lodging program provides annual safety inspections, along with complaint investigations of public facilities including hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, and migrant farm worker housing. Reviews are conducted on construction plans for new or remodeled facilities.

Animal Disease Prevention

The Animal Disease Prevention (rabies) program deals with concerns of rabies and its potential spread to the human population. The program investigates reports of possible exposure to rabies, submits animal specimens to the Virginia Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services for rabies testing, and follows up on both animal and human exposure.

Public notices of rabies cases can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Water & Wastewater

The Water and Wastewater program provides surveillance, inspection, and regulatory oversight of private wells, on-site sewage systems, and sewage handlers. System designs are submitted by the private sector for review by our staff in all localities except Wythe & Smyth Counties, where we provide direct system design services. We are also a provider of last resort for these services in all localities.


If you find a tick on yourself or another family member (but not the furry, four-legged variety of family member - people only), please complete this survey and help Virginia's epidemiologists learn more about tick ecology in the Commonwealth. Learn more about tick-borne disease in Virginia.