Be Healthy Be Happy Prince William


Be Healthy Be Happy Prince William is a web-based resource of community health data. We invite partners, stakeholders, and the entire community to use this site as a tool for community assessments, strategic planning, developing best practices for improvement, collaboration, and advocacy.

Community Healthcare Coalition of Greater Prince William

Our community members have significant differences in health outcomes depending on their race, gender, age, income, zip code, and education. Health is more than just healthcare.

Check out the Greater Prince William Community Health Improvement Plan 2020-2024 to learn more about the top health issues impacting the Greater Prince William Area. Some of the issues highlighted include educational opportunities, neighborhood and built environment, and marketing and communications. Together, we can all work toward making the Greater Prince William Area a healthier and safer place to live, work, and play.

Community Healthcare Coalition Greater Prince William 2024 Meetings

The 2024 schedule consists of meetings for educational opportunities, co-chair, steering committee, and four full coalition meetings. 

Educational Opportunities: February 7th (10-11am)Educational Opportunities: March 6th (10-11am)Educational Opportunities: April 24th (10-11am)Educational Opportunities: May 22nd (10-11am)Educational Opportunities: June 19th (10-11am)
Co-Chair: February 12th (1-2pm)Co-Chair: March 19th (2-3pm)Co-Chair: April 16th (2-3pm)Steering Committee: May 20th (1-2pm)Co-Chair: June 17th (1-2pm)
Steering Committee: February 26th (1-2pm)Steering Committee: March 25th (1-2pm)Steering Committee: April 22nd (1-2pm)Co-Chair: May 21st (2-3pm)Steering Committee: June 24th (1-2pm)
Full Coalition Meeting: March 27th (1-2pm)
Educational Opportunities: July 24th (10-11am)Educational Opportunities: August 21st (10-11am)Educational Opportunities: September 25th (10-11am)Schedule to be determinedSchedule to be determined
Co-Chair: July 16th (2-3pm)Co-Chair: August 20th (2-3pm)Co-Chair: September 16th (1-2 pm)Final Report due to Potomac Health Foundation (PHF)
Steering Committee: July 22nd (1-2pm)Steering Committee: August 26th (1-2pm)Steering Committee: September 23rd (1-2pm)PHF funding ends for Coalition program manager position
Full Coalition Meeting: July 24th (1-2pm)Full Coalition Meeting: September 25th (1-2pm)Full Coalition Meeting December 18th (1-2pm)

Who Are We?

The Coalition is a collaborative of diverse agencies and stakeholders working together to improve the health of the Greater Prince William's residents.

What Do We Do?

What Are We Working Towards?

View the 2020-2024 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) and the Community Health Assessment (CHA) for the focus of our work.

Want to Make a Difference?

We rely on the collaborative’s diverse and engaged membership to accomplish our vision of a healthy Greater Prince William area. If you’re committed to achieving health equity and working to solve complex problems, please email Michele Burton to join us at

If you have any questions, contact: Michele Burton, MSPH, MAT, Program Manager, Community Healthcare Coalition of Greater Prince William, Institute for Public Health Innovation at 202.380.5273 or

Webpage last updated: 2/23/2024