CHI Data Portal

PWHD/VDH Community Health Improvement (CHI) Data Portal

Welcome to the Prince William Health District (PWHD) / Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Community Health Improvement (CHI) Data Portal!

The tool on this webpage features over 100 data measures for PWHD (Manassas City, Manassas Park City, Prince William County) across 14 indicators (Demographic Profile, Health Status, Access to Care, Health Behaviors, Chronic Conditions, Communicable or Infectious Disease, Maternal and Child Health, Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health, Oral Health, Injury and Violence, Community Factors, Social Determinants of Health, and Supplemental Data (CDC BRFSS)).

The statewide Virginia Community Health Improvement (CHI) Data Portal includes the same data for all 35 local health districts. The Virginia Department of Health, in partnership with University of Missouri Extension CARES, launched this tool in 2022 using data from national, state, and local sources such as the Virginia Department of Health, Virginia Health Information, Virginia Vital Statistics, American Community Survey, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

3 Steps to Access PWHD Data:

  1. Select "Prince William Health District" under "Select Health District"
  2. Click on the "Data Indicators" button
  3. Select the indicators of interest and click on the "Reports" button for the data report


Choose a location from the following list
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      Assessment Location

      Report Location
        1. Zoom closer to your report area.
        2. Click a start point on the map to start drawing.
        3. Click each corner or bend of your area.
        4. When you're finished, double-click or complete the shape.
        5. Any points on the white masked area will be dropped.
        6. See an illustration of population-weighted small area estimate method used for data calculation.
        7. Select a geographic type to pick ZIP codes, census tracts, or other geographies.
        8. Click anywhere inside a geography to add it to your report area.
        9. To remove a geography from your report area, click the item on the list or anywhere inside the geography again on the map.
        10. Any clicks on the white masked area are ignored.

          Data Indicators

          Select data indicators to include in your report

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