Resource Mothers

Resource Mothers seeks to lower infant deaths and low birth weight rates in Virginia’s pregnant and parenting teens. Any pregnant teen, 19 years or younger, is eligible for the program. The program's main goal is to improve birth outcomes for the teen and the baby.

Resource Mothers promotes:

  • early entry into prenatal care
  • smoking cessation
  • drug and alcohol avoidance
  • healthy nutrition
  • up-to-date immunizations for baby and mom
  • regular health care for the infant
  • return to school or work for the teen
  • delay repeat pregnancy
  • the development of a stable home for the teen and her baby (with the help of family and the baby’s father)

This program uses a two-generation or three-generation approach to serve target populations. Educational and support services are also available to other family members such as the partner, the teen's parents, and the infant.