Family Planning

Family Health

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) is committed to ensuring that all Virginians have access to reproductive health services. There are currently over 110 clinics in the state that are able to provide free or reduced-cost birth control methods to patients.

Clinical Care

At Title X (pronounced “ten”) clinics, folks can access family planning services, including contraception (birth control), on a sliding scale. All clinics offer a wide variety of methods, and staff members have been trained to work with patients to find the method that works best for them. Title X clinics are located across the state and serve all people regardless of income, race, ethnicity, immigration status, ability status, sex, or gender identity. No one will be turned away for inability to pay. Learn more about the federal Title X program and find a clinic near you: Clinic Finder


VDH partners with eighteen (18) organizations to offer free birth control to eligible patients. If someone makes under a certain income and either doesn’t have insurance or can’t use their insurance for birth control, they may be eligible. Learn more about the Contraceptive Access Initiative. 

Have you ordered your FREE condoms?

As part of its efforts to reduce HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI), VDH's Division of Disease Prevention is committed to making free condoms accessible and available across Virginia, particularly in communities at increased risk of HIV/STIs. Health districts and community partners are eligible for the VDH Condom Distribution Program. Organizations may order up to 25,000 condoms for each quarter (100,000 a year) and those with multiple sites may be approved to order more.  Smaller quantities of specialty condoms such as insertive, non-latex, and Trojan condoms are also available. As of January 2017, Trojan Magnum condoms are now available through the Condom Distribution Program.

If you would like to participate or need to order more condoms, please use this form or contact Sarah Lannon at

Want a free at-home HIV test?

The Virginia & Maryland Home HIV Testing Program is a free service provided by the Division of Disease Prevention. Using this link , anyone living in Virginia or Maryland can request a free rapid HIV test by mail once every 90 days. The test used by this program (the Oraquick In-Home HIV Test) uses an oral swab to test for HIV antibodies, and provides results in 20 minutes.

Virginia Medicaid

The Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) manages the Virginia Medicaid program. Medicaid covers health services, including reproductive health services, for people who qualify. A few services are highlighted below:

  • All Medicaid plans cover contraception (birth control), including immediate postpartum long-acting reversible contraception (LARCs). This includes fee-for-service and managed care
  • Medicaid offers coverage for pregnant people during their pregnancies and up to twelve months after their baby is born. This includes health visits, dental care, mental health services, and more.
  • Learn more about DMAS’ programs.

Have you heard? More people in Virginia qualify for Medicaid than ever before. Find out if you qualify for Medicaid, FAMIS, Plan First, or other insurance programs.

General Information

For general information about reproductive health care and resources, visit

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