Getting stroke smart 

May is also Stroke Awareness Month. Strokes happen when something blocks blood flow to the brain or a blood vessel in the brain bursts—it’s sometimes called a “brain attack” for this reason. Strokes are the fourth leading cause of death in Virginia (behind cancer, heart disease, and accidents).

People experiencing a stroke need quick, professional medical care. The most important step you can take to help is calling 911 as soon as you spot the symptoms of a stroke. VDH has a helpful phrase for remembering these signs and symptoms: BE FAST.

Not every person experiencing a stroke will demonstrate all these symptoms, so just one is a sign to call 911.

Richmond is proud to be a Stroke Smart city which means each resident has a role to play in helping our friends and neighbors receive prompt stroke treatment. Knowing BE FAST and sharing this information with others contributes to our Stroke Smart city.

If you live or work with people at higher risk for stroke, or you know other people who need this information, you can request magnets, wallet cards, and other informative materials from VDH’s Stroke Smart Initiative.