Disease Reporting and Control Regulations

Rules and Regulations of the Board of Health – Commonwealth of Virginia

The Regulations for Disease Reporting and Control describe what diseases must be reported to the health department, who is required to report, and how the report should be submitted. 

Cases of disease have been reported to the Virginia Department of Health since the early part of the 20th century. Beginning in 1919, the Code of Virginia has required the State Board of Health to promulgate a list of diseases that must be reported. The Regulations listed below represent the Board’s latest response to this mandate.

If you have questions not addressed below, please contact your local health department.

Conditions of Public Health Significance or Public Health Threat:

Known conditions requested via category “unusual occurrence of disease public health concern”:

Unusual or emerging conditions of public health concern shall be reported to the local health department immediately by the most rapid means available, preferably by telephone. In addition, the commissioner or the commissioner’s designee may establish surveillance systems for diseases or conditions that are not on the list of reportable diseases. Such surveillance may be established to identify cases (delineate the magnitude of the situation), to identify the mode of transmission and risk factors for the disease, and to identify and implement appropriate action to protect public health.

Conditions that have been identified and are requested:

Active Emergency Regulations:

Active Variances (exceptions to regulatory requirements):

Condition Specific Reporting Options:

  • COVID-19 test results must be submitted through ELR or the COVID-19 Point of Care (POC) Testing Result Portal
  • HIV genetic nucleotide sequence data associated with HIV drug resistance tests must be submitted through ELR or files via SFTP.  For any questions related to establishing a SFTP for HIV reporting, contact Christina Martone at christina.martone@vdh.virginia.gov.

Reporting Options for Physicians and Directors of Medical Facilities:

Reporting Options for Laboratories:

  • Telephone to LHD (only for rapidly reportable conditions)
  • Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR)
  • A laboratory’s own form if it includes the required information
  • Computer-generated reports containing the required information

Reporting Options for Outbreaks:

Reporting Options for State Health Officers and Other Reporting Entities Outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia (in order of preferred methods):

  • Confidential Morbidity Report Portal (Epi-1)
  • Secure Email:
    • dsifax@vdh.virginia.gov – COVID-19 Only
    • reportabledisease@vdh.virginia.gov
  • Mail to:
    • Office of Epidemiology
      Attn: Division of Surveillance and Investigation
      P.O. Box 2448, 5th Floor East
      Richmond, VA 23218
  • Fax to: 
    • (804) 864-8102

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