Population Health / Franklin & Southampton

Community Health Assessment (CHA)

The Franklin-Southampton Community Partnership has been meeting since early 2017 with the initial work focused on conducting a careful, systematic examination of the health status of the community (the CHA) to identify key health problems and assets in the community. Data from the assessment will inform decision-making, prioritization of health problems and development of plans to improve the health of the community. The success of the assessment is owned and led by members of our community, so that the results accurately reflect the opinions of people in Franklin and Southampton. The community health assessment is in progress with current work taking place on a final document.

Community Strengths and Themes Assessment

The partnership conducted an anonymous community-wide survey. Everyone in the community—agencies, organizations, parents, high school students, grandparents, neighbors, entrepreneurs, employees—was invited to participate and have their voice heard by completing a survey that asked community members to rank the health issues that are most important, the greatest strengths of healthcare in the community, and perceptions of quality of life.

Franklin-Southampton Community Partnership

Franklin Downtown Association
Franklin-Southampton Chamber of Commerce
Franklin Redevelopment and Housing Authority
High Street Methodist Church
Paul D. Camp Community College
Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia
Smart Beginnings
Southampton County Administration
Southampton County Department of Social Services
Southampton County Public Schools
Southampton Memorial Hospital
The Children’s Center
United Way Franklin/Southampton Area
Western Tidewater Community Services Board
Western Tidewater Free Clinic
Western Tidewater Health District