Frequently Asked Questions

Graduation and program completion requirements

How is a verification statement earned?             

Verification Statements are earned upon successful completion and graduation from the internship program. Interns graduate after:

  • Successful accrual of required supervised practice hours in Clinical Nutrition (360 hours), Foodservice Management (200 hours), and Community Nutrition (440 hours)
  • Demonstration of Entry Level Competence for a Registered Dietitian in Clinical, Foodservice Management, and Community Nutrition
  • Completion and sufficient scoring as outlined by the program curriculum of all assignments, activities, and projects
  • Demonstration of professional and ethical behaviors in line with Entry-Level Registered Dietitians
  • Payment of all fees and costs associated with the program

Availability of financial aid and loan deferments, scholarships, stipends and other monetary support

Does the VA/MD/DC WIC Dietetic Internship provide financial aid?

The VA/MD/DC WIC Dietetic Internship is not able to provide financial aid to its interns. Interns may be eligible for student loan deferment while enrolled in the internship.

Where do I find financial aid information?

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website has information regarding any financial aid or scholarships.

Requirements and process to become a RDN

How do I become a RDN?

Individuals seeking a career in the field of Dietetics must…

  • Complete at minimum a Graduate degree
  • The program has Affiliation Agreements with multiple clinical, foodservice and public health supervised practice sites. The sites span across Virginia, Maryland, and District of Columbia and may not be in your preferred geographical location. If you choose not to utilize these sites you are able to secure your own sites. Interns are expected to be flexible and travel to their rotations to fulfill supervised practice hours. Procurement of rotations starts immediately after acceptance (July) and interns are expected to have a complete rotation schedule by Orientation in September.
  • Obtain a verification statement from the ACEND Didactic Program
  • Complete an ACEND-accredited Dietetic Internship, Individual Supervised Practice Pathway, Coordinated Program, Future Graduate Program or International Dietitian Education Program.
  • Pass the Commission on Dietetic Registration RDN exam
  • Certify or Register for Licensure with the state which they plan to practice in (not required in all states)

How do I obtain a Verification Statement of Completion of the Didactic Program?

To have your transcripts evaluated, contact the university or college you attended. If they cannot evaluate your transcripts, contact a college/university with an ACEND approved didactic program in dietetics and request an evaluation of your college transcripts. This is a time-consuming process, and many universities are charging a fee for this service. It is best to contact the college/university during the fall or spring semester for this service.

How do I meet the Didactic Program requirements?

The best advice is to contact an accredited college/university that offers a program in dietetics.

What do I do if my degree is from a college or university outside of the U.S.?

First, you will need to have your degree validated as equivalent to a baccalaureate or master’s degree.  There are several agencies which perform this service for a fee.  For current procedures, contact the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics/ACEND 1-800-877-1600, extension 5400

Internship rotation & preceptor information

Will I have to find my own rotation sites?

Interns are required to secure Clinical and Foodservice Supervised Practice sites. Interns will be required to have an appropriate preceptor in the WIC clinic (if one is not available the intern may be required to complete the community rotation with a different WIC clinic which would be organized by the program)

What are the Clinical Sites Requirements?

An acute care facility with an intensive care unit (ICU) is required for the majority of the clinical rotation. The intern may complete portions of the Clinical rotation in smaller hospitals. The Preceptor must be a registered dietitian with the Commission on Dietetic Registration with a minimum of one-year of work experience after credentialing. The preceptor must be licensed or credentialed, as appropriate, to meet state and federal regulations.

What are the Foodservice Site Requirements?

School food service, University Dining Services or a health care facility. The Preceptor must be a food service director or supervisor. Interns are encouraged to seek foodservice rotations through School Foodservice programs as it relates most directly to the mission of the program.

What are the requirements of a preceptor?

The Preceptor must be a full-time employee at the selected facility. The primary Preceptor may be a part-time employee if a qualified secondary preceptor is available to supervise the intern when the primary Preceptor is not available. Each Preceptor must submit a Preceptor Qualification Form. Preceptors must show evidence of continued competence appropriate to their precepting responsibilities through professional work, graduate education, continuing education, scholarship/research or other activities leading to professional growth in the advancement of their profession. You will need Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Training.

Who can I contact to get information about WIC jobs vacancies in Virginia, Maryland, and DC?

What technology do I need to succeed in this internship?

You will need a computer with working audio and camera during the duration of the internship.

Can any prior learning experiences be applied to this internship?

The VA/MD/DC WIC Dietetic Internship does not award credit for previously completed experiences. All interns are required to complete all hours, assignments, and projects in full.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Virginia Applicants        Maryland Applicants
Kailyn Stanley, MPH, RDN, CBS
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