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Guidelines for Use of Steri-Fab or Microban for Sanitizing/Disinfecting Mattresses, Bedding and/ or Upholstered Furniture

The following guidelines are recommended for any business using Steri-Fab or Microban to sanitize used/secondhand or renovated mattresses, box springs, or similar articles of bedding or upholstered furniture offered for resale or rent in Virginia. These guidelines are based upon the Bedding and Upholstered Furniture Laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and specific instructions from the product manufacturers.

1. Licensee/applicator should follow all application, safety, storage, and disposal instructions provided by the product manufacturers.

2. The disinfectant should be shaken well before and during use to ensure that the tracer crystals suspended in the product are applied uniformly to the bedding article.

3. Licensee/applicator should read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the disinfectant and all instructions provided on the container to assure that all safety precautions and emergency procedures are followed.

4. Disinfectant should be treated as a flammable solvent, since it contains isopropyl alcohol. Keep away from heat, spark, and open flame, and follow all other prudent guidelines for use, storage, and disposal of a flammable solvent.

5. For proper storage, the following guidelines should be used:

a. Store above freezing temperatures.

b. Store in well ventilated areas.

c. Do not contaminate water, food, or feed by storage or disposal.

6. For proper disposal, the following guidelines should be used:

a. Do not reuse large, empty containers (55 gallon drums and 5 gallon containers).

b. Triple rinse large empty containers and dispose of in a landfill approved for pesticide disposal.

c. Rinse small containers (1 gallon or less) thoroughly and discard in trash.

7. For proper application to achieve disinfection, the following instructions must be followed:

a. Disinfectant must be applied in a manner to achieve sufficient disinfection at all points and surfaces on the bedding/furniture article.

1) If there are any stains on the fabric of the article to be sanitized, they should first be scrubbed thoroughly with warm water and soap. If stain persists, article should be properly disposed of.

2) If there are any tears of any kind in the fabric of the article to be sanitized, this article also should be properly disposed of (not resold or re-rented).

b. Surfaces should be sprayed until thoroughly dampened and allowed to remain wet at least 10 minutes and then dried before using or moving. Minimum drying time should be 30 minutes.

c. Spray should be directed into all crevices, cracks, tufts, borders, buttons, welt cords, tape edges, seams, creases, folds, hiding places, and irregular surfaces of the bedding/furniture product.

d. To achieve adequate disinfection on mattress surfaces, disinfectant should be applied uniformly in the following amounts: 4 to 5 ounces (wet weight) per single/twin mattress or folding cot, 6 to 8 ounces per double mattress as specified by the product instructions.

e. A continuous-action pressure (power) sprayer shall be used to apply the disinfectant with spray nozzle one (1) foot from the mattress or bedding article surface. Spray action should be regulated to meet all coverage guidelines stated. If additional spraying is needed to achieve full results in e) above, a hand sprayer must be used to supplement the power sprayer.

f. Application should be performed in a separate isolated room or self-contained area which is well-ventilated, either naturally or mechanically, to avoid spread of volatile or hazardous material to other parts of the establishment.

g. It is recommended that rubber gloves and eye and/or face protection be used when applying disinfectant.

P32.1-223. New and sanitized items to be kept separate.
New and sanitized upholstered furniture, bedding and filling materials shall be kept separate from any secondhand upholstered furniture, bedding and filling materials that have not been sanitized.

Note: In the same manner, a delivery vihicle should be disinfected before delivering new or sanitized items if that vehicle has been used to transport used (unsanitized) merchandise.

Note: It is a violation of Federal Law to use Steri-Fab or Microban disinfectant in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Note: A log must be kept of sanitized items, indicating ITEM, DATE SANITIZED, DATE RENTED or SOLD. Inspectors will ask for sanitizing records, and this will be acceptable

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Last Updated: 08-16-2011

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