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Purpose and Authority


Code of Virginia

32.1-166.1. Review Board; members.

There is hereby established, in the Department of Health, the State Health Department Sewage Handling and Disposal Appeal Review Board, consisting of seven members, appointed by the Governor subject to confirmation by the General Assembly. The members shall include one member who is a soil scientist; one member who is a professional engineer in private practice; one member who is a residential builder; one member who is an academic professional engaged in research and teaching in a soils-related discipline; one member who has had experience in the field of enforcement of onsite sewage disposal regulations; one member who is engaged in private soils analysis work related to the installation of onsite sewage systems; and one member from the public at large who may have experience in the installation of onsite sewage systems. The members shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor.


Code of Virginia

§§ 32.1-166.6 Review Board to hear appeals.

The Review Board shall hear all administrative appeals of denials of onsite sewage disposal system permits and appeals of refusals of indemnification requests filed pursuant to § 32.1-164.1:01, and refusals of betterment loan eligibility letters pursuant to § 32.1-164.1:2, and render its decision on any such appeal, which decision shall be the final administrative decision. Proceedings of the Review Board and appeals of its decisions shall be governed by the provisions of Chapter 40 (§ 2.2-4000 et seq.) of Title 2.2.
In addition to the authority to render a final administrative decision, the Review Board, in its discretion, may develop recommendations for alternative solutions to the conditions resulting in denial of the permit or refusal to indemnify and remand the case to the Department of Health for reconsideration.
For purposes of this section "betterment loan" is as defined in § 32.1-163.


Last Updated: 02-13-2013

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