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Technical Resources

Technical Resources for Onsite Sewage Professionals and the Public

As Virginia transitions to a performance-based regulatory program in onsite sewage, we have assembled the following resources to assist onsite sewage professionals, engineers and the public find the resources they need to evaluate sites for, design, review, install, operate and maintain onsite sewage systems in Virginia.  Some of the resources below come from Virginia’s regulations and policies for onsite sewage systems, but there are also links to research and other resources which should be useful. 
Please contact Danna Revis, Training Coordinator,, with comments on this page.

General Information

Product Information

Product Approvals, Design Manuals, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals

  • Well casing, appurtenances, grout, etc.
  • Treatment Devices and Systems - by existing list
  • Treatment Devices and Systems – by product    coming soon!
    • Includes TL2, TL3 and Nitrogen Reduction
  • Pipes  coming soon!
    • Sewer line, conveyance line, force main, header line, etc.
  • Tanks and Forms  coming soon!
    • septic tanks, pump chambers made of concrete, fiberglass or plastic
    • Effluent filters
  • Pumping Equipment  coming soon!
    • Pumps, filters, control panels, etc.
  • Flow Splitting Equipment  coming soon!
    • Distribution boxes and other flow splitting equipment
  • Dispersal Equipment   coming soon!
    • Dispersal equipment for trench based systems, beds, drip irrigation, spray irrigation, etc.
    • Non-trench dispersal systems or substituted system

Note on Product Information pages:
Treatment units that provide TL2 or TL3 treatment must be reviewed and approved by VDH.

For other products, it has been VDH’s long standing practice to review products at the request of the manufacturer or product representative and list those that clearly meet the specifications of VDH regulations.  A GMP or Product Approval, as necessary, is issued to guide designers, reviewers, or installers in using a product properly.  VDH has elected to continue this service as resources allow as VDH believes that the pre-approval of standard products is an aide to designers and homeowners and streamlines the approval process.  The omission of a particular product or products from the listing which follows should not be interpreted as a statement of unsuitability, since products clearly meeting the specifications of VDH regulations are not subject to further review.  Therefore, many suitable products are not specifically listed on these pages as “approved.”  However, designers may individually assess products (not treatment units) and utilize products not listed as long as they comply with VDH regulations.

VDH does not endorse or recommend any particular treatment unit, product or manufacturer. Furthermore, a VDH Approval does not denote or imply any warrantee or guarantee as to the fitness of the product.

Last Updated: 04-14-2016

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