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Division of Onsite Sewage

Division of Onsite Sewage, Water Services, Environmental Engineering, and Marina Programs

Our Purpose plaque

The Division is responsible for effectively adopting and implementing regulations for marinas, private wells, and onsite wastewater treatment and disposal. The division provides guidance, training, technical assistance, grant and administrative support to over 300 field staff. We also foster and maintain communication with an onsite community made up of contractors, engineers, soil scientists, pumpers, academics, manufacturers, builders, real estate agents, and most especially, homeowners.

Our Mission

The mission of Division of Onsite Sewage of Water Services is to protect public health and ground water quality. This is best achieved by implementing an onsite wastewater program based on sound scientific, engineering, and public health principles. We also strive to maintain effective communication in the onsite community, and the division is using this website as one method to keep interested parties informed on new developments, regulations, and policy decisions.

Alternative Onsite Sewage Systems

On July 1, 2009, the Virginia Department of Health began regulating the operation and maintenance of alternative onsite sewage systems. Interim requirements, such as requiring owners of newly installed alternative systems to record notices in the land records and for owners to operate their alternative systems according to manufacturers' instructions, took effect on July 1. Other requirements regarding alternative systems are under development and will be phased in as emergency regulations and final regulations go into effect.

2009 NEHA Conference Onsite Presentations

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