Septic System and Private Well Service Providers

Obtaining private sector services.

Effective July 11, 2019

Owners are currently required to submit onsite sewage system evaluations and designs from properly licensed private sector individuals for applications that are for:

  • A non-residential sewage system.
  • A system that will use over 1,000 gallons per day.
  • An alternative system (property has marginal soil, or limited land area).
  • A septic system design that requires a professional engineer.
  • Certification letters.
  • Voluntary upgrade permits.
  • Subdivision reviews.
  • Properties that are not intended to serve as the owner’s principal place of residence.

Beginning July 11, 2019, all applications for onsite sewage systems and/or private wells must be accompanied by supporting work from a private sector consultant who is properly licensed to do such work through the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR). Only owners that submit a petition for services and meet i) means testing requirements (household income does not exceed 400% of federal poverty guidelines), or ii) a hardship contained in the Virginia Department of Health’s Hardship Guidelines, will be eligible to receive evaluation and design services from the Virginia Department of Health.

Lists and maps to help you find:

Service Providers – How do I get added to the lists?VDH does not endorse or recommend any particular septic or private well service provider. The following lists are based only on those service providers who have shared their contact information with the agency. The omission of a service provider from the listing is not a statement of unsuitability. VDH also does not guarantee the work or license status of any listed provider. It is recommended that you view the Department of Professional and Occupations Regulation (DPOR) website,, to verify that a service provider is properly licensed in accordance with state law. To search all licensed OSE’s, PE’s, septic system installers, and well drillers please visit the DPOR website.


OSE List

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PE List

Professional Engineer MapBack to Top

Septic System Installer List

Septic System Installer MapBack to Top

Alternative Onsite Sewage System (AOSS) Operator List

For more information about operation and maintenance, and to see frequently asked questions about the Regulations for Alternative Onsite Sewage Systems and homeowner responsibilities click here.

Alternative Onsite Sewage System (AOSS) Operator MapBack to Top

Sewage Hauler (Pump Truck) List

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Well Driller List

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How do I get added to the lists?

OSE’s, PE’s, installers, haulers, and well drillers that would like to be included in VDH listings can click here and provide their contact information.

The AOSS Operator list is compiled from the Virginia Department of Health’s Operation and Maintenance (O&M) reporting website. Only those operators that have given VDH permission to publish their contact information through the O&M reporting website are included. Operators who are not on the list, but wish to be included can go to the VDH O&M Reporting website and provide their contact information using the “edit account” function. Operators that do not have an account and would like to create one, please contact Lance Gregory.

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