services_clip_image002Local health departments offer a variety of services designed to promote the best possible health for Virginia’s citizens. Some services are free, some are based on income level, and others require payment rates set by the Virginia State Board of Health. Not all services are available for all locations.

Please contact your local health department for more information

 Adult Immunizations for disease prevention and foreign travel are available at each office.  Please contact your nearest office for more information.

The following programs focus on strengthening the health of families and communities:

Breastfeeding is the nutritional standard for infant and young child feeding. Human breast milk is not only the ideal food for infants, but it is the only food that infants need for the first six months of life.  Breastfeeding peer counselors offer support and assistance with issues to lactating moms, including pumping and storage of breast milk.

Baby Care is a Medicaid-approved Registered Nurse program for high risk maternity cases (any age) and infants (birth to age 2).  This program provides case management services including pregnancy and parenting information, emotional support, referrals to community services, home visits, phone support and much more.

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Project provides heart disease risk screenings regularly at each health department office; at worksites, and other community locations through the Health Works program’s mobile medical unit (See Health Works)

Care Connection for Children Care Connection for Children is a statewide network of centers of excellence for children and youth with special health care needs.  Various UVA-based clinics are available onsite.  The southwest region of the state is served by the office located in Bristol, VA.

Car Safety Seat Program  Virginia state law requires the use of child safety seats.  Safety and booster seats are free to income eligible families, who are taught to install the seats properly.  Participants are required to attend a class on proper installation and seats are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

Children’s Immunizations The Virginia Vaccines For Children Program provides the vaccines necessary for children from birth to 18 years of age to protect against childhood illnesses.  Those required for children entering school for the first time are free.  Fees for other vaccines are based on a sliding scale for eligible children.

Communicable Disease Health department offices provide assistance and referral for treatment of sexually transmitted diseases; free, confidential HIV testing and counseling (HIV/STD/Viral Hepatitis Hotline: 1-800-533-4148, surveillance and investigation of disease outbreaks, and assistance for those exposed to Tuberculosis. Also tracked are disease outbreaks, including food poisoning and illnesses (such as flu and norovirus).

Dental Services

VDH Dental Preventive Services currently serves eligible school-aged children in Bristol City, Smyth County, and Washington County schools. The school-based program provides preventive services which include oral screenings and referrals, oral hygiene instructions and education, dental sealants, and fluoride varnish applications.  Other services may also be offered including scaling and polishing of teeth.  The program is intended for children who do not have a family dentist and parental consent is required.   No payment is required to participate, however, Medicaid insurance will be billed, if eligible.  To enroll, please complete registration forms at your child’s school.  Information can be obtained by calling Pam Breeding, RDH, at 276-356-1964.  Additionally, Early Head Start and Head Start Centers in Washington County and Bristol City receive oral screenings and fluoride varnish applications to enrolled students with parental consent through the VDH Dental Preventive Services program.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Programs have been established to respond to any emergency impacting public health through preparation, collaboration, education and rapid intervention.

Environmental Health Services protect the public’s health by engaging in a wide variety of inspection, permitting, and testing services, including:

  • Drinking Water Inspection, Permitting, and Surveillance
  • Food Establishment Sanitation – check out your favorite restaurant’s latest inspection results by going to
  • Institutional Inspection
  • Migrant Labor Camp Inspection
  • Milk Plant Inspection
  • Rabies Prevention and Control
  • Well and Septic Inspections and Permits
  • Tourist Establishment Inspections
    For more information: Environmental Protection

Family Planning provides physical exams and contraceptive supplies for men and women, pregnancy testing, education and counseling, and testing of and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and other vaginal infections.  All records are confidential.

Health Education offers education information, referral, and resource assistance for a wide variety of health issues.  Education materials are provided in health fairs, wellness screenings, community locations, and for groups requesting specific topics:

Health Works is on the road to you for better health!  The mobile medical unit began operation last summer and is available to provide onsite health screenings for workplaces and other community organizations.

Occupational Health & Safety offers education on various topics including: Bloodborne Pathogen Training, Slips, Trips, and Falls, Hygiene, Ergonomics, Hearing Conservation, and Personal Protective Equipment. Additional topics can be made available based upon specific needs.  Consultation is also available regarding Worker’s Compensation, light duty, and other related issues.  Please contact:  or

Pediatric Clinics  Well-child and school physical exam clinics are offered at all local health department offices.  Childhood immunizations are also available.  Charges are based on income.

Plan First is a Medicaid program that pays for birth control and family planning services for women and men, and includes birth control, sexually transmitted infection checks, pap smears and sterilizations.

Pre-Admission Nursing Home Screenings are performed in-home by a public health nurse and adult services social worker for patients needing assessment of care level needed and as a pre-requisite of nursing home placement.  Please contact your local health department office:

Resource Mothers is a free program for teens who are 19 years or younger, and who are pregnant or parenting for the first time, by helping teen mothers to get early prenatal care; avoid tobacco, alcohol and other drugs; learn about Medicaid, WIC and other community services; learn about child development and how to keep children safe; develop plans for baby’s care; build parenting skills; finish school, obtain a GED and find or continue employment; assist with creating a stable, nurturing home; and delay future pregnancies until she is better able to care for herself and her child.  The Resource Mothers program is not available in Bristol or Washington County.

Safe To Sleep  We work to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related causes of infant death.  Too often, tragedies occur through lack of knowledge or carelessness about keeping baby safe while sleeping.  Parents learn to create a safe sleep environment for their babies.

Text(4)Baby  is a free mobile information service providing timely health tips to pregnant women and new mothers and fathers during pregnancy and through a baby’s first year.  The messages focus on topics critical to the health and well-being of mother and child.

WIC (Women’s Infants and Children’s) is a supplemental food program providing benefit cards for pregnant, breastfeeding or post-partum women and children up to the age of 5, including infant formula.  Eligibility is based on income.  Special formulas are also provided.  The Virginia WIC program has gone paper-less, replacing paper vouchers with eWIC debit cards.