The mission of the Tuberculosis (TB) Control program is to control, prevent, and eventually eliminate TB from the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The program aims to detect every case  of TB in Virginia, assure that every case is adequately and completely treated, and prevent transmission of TB in communities.

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TB Main Phone Number: 804-864-7906
TB Control Fax Number: 804-371-0248

Direct Program Contacts: 

TB Program Manger - Vacant

TB Nurse Consultant - Amanda Khalil: 804-864-7589

TB Nurse Consultant - Adwoa Sam: 804-864-7968

TB Epidemiologist/Surveillance Coordinator - Laura Young : 804-864-7922

LTBI Epidemiologist - Jane Tingley : 804-864-7921

TB Data Registrar - Donna Asby-Green : 804-864-7907

TB Surveillance Data Entry Specialist - Brianna Rossi: 804-864-7969

Administrative Assistant - John Rogan: 804-864-7916