National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

February 7 is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) – first observed in 1999.  This day recognizes how HIV unequally affects Black people.

Black communities have made great strides in reducing HIV.  Yet, factors such as racism and discrimination may affect whether Black people seek or receive HIV services.  Mistrust in the medical system may also be a factor.

NBHAAD is a chance to increase:

  • HIV education;
  • Testing;
  • Community involvement; and
  • Treatment among Black communities.

This year’s NBHAAD theme is Engage, Educate, Empower: Uniting to End HIV/AIDS in Black Communities.

We engage to talk about ways to better involve Black communities in HIV/AIDS efforts.  This can include:

  • Outreach programs;
  • Community partnerships; and
  • Working with local community members to promote HIV programs;
    • This can help promote HIV programming and talking about HIV/AIDS.

We educate by focusing on improving HIV/AIDS education among Black youth and adults.  This could cover the latest HIV information such as:

Lastly, we can empower by highlighting stories and strategies that have successfully empowered Black people living with HIV/AIDS.  Empowerment can be through advocacy, policy change, access to care, and support systems.

Read more about NBHAAD or find resources to share online from VDH or CDC.

Furthermore, if you or a loved one has questions about HIV or wants to be linked to local resources, we can help.  Call the Virginia Disease Prevention Hotline today at (800) 533-4148.  You can also reach the hotline at