Clinical Services Women’s Health

Pre-conceptual counseling and family planning services are available to men and women. Birth control information, risk reduction information and screening for sexually transmitted disease, sickle cell screening, and birth control methods (IUD, Depo-Provera injections, birth control pills, condoms and other barrier methods) are available. Fees for services may be determined on a sliding scale based on household income. Spanish-speaking staff may be available for interpretation.

Services are available by appointment only.  For information, call 751-4350.


Chesterfield Health Department has a joint partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University/MCV Hospital to provide maternity care for Chesterfield County clients at the Health Department. Our prenatal clients receive medical visits, post-partum care, and nurse office visits as necessary. Delivery, acute high-risk care and emergency care are provided at MCV Hospital. The MCV doctors provide 24-hour, on-call care for Chesterfield Health Department prenatal clients. Spanish-speaking interpreters may be available at the Health Department. Chesterfield Health Department and MCV Hospital provide maternity care for some HMO Medicaid programs. Fees are determined on a sliding scale based on income. Fees for MCV Hospital services are determined by the hospital and may be scaled according to MCV

Services are available by appointment only. For information, call (804) 751-4350.