Community Survey

The Chesterfield Health District is coming together with key community partners — Bon Secours, Chesterfield County Public Schools, Chesterfield County Human Services, Immigration Nation LLC., La Casa de Salud, VCU, Waymakers, YMCA, Latinos in Virginia Engagement (LIVE) Center, and Southside Community Development & Housing Corporation — to launch the Chesterfield Community Survey

The Community Survey will gather information about the health and quality of life of all Chesterfield and Colonial Heights residents. The data collected will shine a light on the strengths and needs of the community at-large and allow the health department to see how quality of life and health differ neighborhood by neighborhood. The survey is a part of a larger ongoing Community Health Assessment (CHA), which paints a picture of community health and equity through multiple data collection points, including the community survey, focus groups, and community-based organization self-review, as well as a thorough review of existing data related to health and living conditions. The results of the CHA are shared broadly and will influence and guide future health and community improvement initiatives across the county for years to come.

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