Campgrounds (Permanent & Temporary)

Tourist camps, travel trailer camps, recreation camps, family campgrounds, camping resorts, camping communities, or any other area, place, parcel, or tract of land, by whatever name called, on which three or more campsites are occupied or intended for occupancy, or facilities are established or maintained, wholly or in part, for the accommodation of camping units for periods of overnight or longer, whether the use of the campsites or facilities is granted gratuitously, by a rental fee, by lease, by conditional sale, or by covenants, restrictions and easements. This definition is not intended to include migrant labor camps and summer camps as defined in §§ 32.1-203 and 35.1-16 of the Code of Virginia, construction camps, manufactured home parks, storage areas for unoccupied camping units, or property upon which the individual owner may choose to camp and not be prohibited or encumbered by covenants, restrictions and conditions from providing sanitary facilities within established property lines.

Fees (effective July 1, 2011):

- Plan Review $40

- Annual Permit $40


Chapter 460. Regulations Governing Tourist Establishment Swimming Pools and Other Public Pools

Chapter 462. Swimming Pool Regulations Governing the Posting of Water Quality Test Results