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The Virginia Hospital COVID-19 Data Dashboard was developed by the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association (VHHA) to give daily updates on COVID-19 patients who are currently hospitalized or discharged. The dashboard presents data on how many patients are now in the intensive care unit (ICU occupancy), ventilator use and availability, and hospital bed availability as reported by more than 100 hospitals to the Virginia Healthcare Alerting Status System. The dashboard also provides COVID-19 hospitalization trend data since March 2020. VDH is not involved in collection of the data presented and reported by VHHA. Please direct questions to analytics@vhha.com.

COVID-19 hospitalizations reported by VDH are identified during a public health investigation of a confirmed or probable case based on public health surveillance criteria. COVID-19 hospitalizations reported by VHHA are based on the current patient census admitted with a confirmed or pending COVID-19 test at Virginia hospitals.

Please visit the VHHA dashboard  for more detailed information.

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