Website Change Log

December 1, 2021 Website Changes

The following changes were made to the COVID-19 Cases dashboard on December 1, 2021:

  • Cases are now shown by week during which symptom onset began, instead of by the date of symptom onset. 
    • Hospitalizations are displayed by week of hospitalization admit date.
    • Deaths are displayed by week of date of death.
  • Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are now shown with more geographic detail by when symptoms onset began (event date).
    • COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are now available at the locality (city/county) level.
    • COVID-19 deaths are now available at the health district.  
    • To determine a health district, visit the VDH Geography Locator Tool.
  • The 7-day moving average has been removed.

August 16, 2021 Website Changes

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) continues to track COVID-19 data to keep Virginia healthy and safe.

Some changes to the COVID-19 data dashboards and web pages will occur on Monday, August 16, 2021.  These changes will help make it easier to follow the data and learn more about COVID-19 in Virginia.

Here are the changes:

  • The name of the Daily Dashboard web page will change to COVID-19 Data.
  • There is a new Level of Community Transmission dashboard on the COVID-19 Data web page. It shows the level of spread of COVID-19 in your region, city, or county. This dashboard launched on Friday, August 13.
  • These dashboards will move from COVID-19 Data Insights to COVID-19 Data:
    • Cases by Vaccination Status
    • VHHA Hospitalizations
  • These dashboards will move from COVID-19 Data to COVID-19 Data Insights:
    • MIS-C
    • Zip Code
    • Key Measures
      • The name of the Key Measures dashboard will change to Cases and Deaths by Date Reported.
  • These dashboards are no longer available as of July 1, 2021 because the COVID-19 emergency declaration in Virginia ended. The buttons to these dashboards on COVID-19 Data Insights will be removed.
    • COVID-19 Outbreaks by Selected Exposure Settings
    • COVID-19 Outbreaks in Virginia Colleges and Universities
  • The About the Data web page will update to reflect these changes.