Drinking Water Data

Drinking Water Viewer

Drinking Water Viewer (DWV) is an application that lets any user (such as a waterworks owner or a Virginia consumer) view data that VDH-ODW maintains about a regulated, public water system or waterworks. A waterworks can be a community waterworks (C), a nontransient-noncommunity (NTNC) waterworks, or a transient noncommunity (NC) waterworks. This application does not apply to private wells or other water systems not regulated as a waterworks. The information that can be retrieved typically includes:

  • size and type of population served,
  • water system facilities (e.g., wells, intakes, treatment plant, etc.),
  • sampling requirements,
  • sampling results reported to VDH-ODW,
  • violations, and
  • inspections.

A general overview of the information available in Drinking Water Viewer can be found in the Drinking Water Viewer Basics document produced by the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water (VDH-ODW).

Additionally, VDH-ODW has developed the following instructional videos to assist DWV users:

  • DWV Registration (for Virginia waterworks and drinking water laboratories, not necessary for public viewing)
  • Sample Results
  • Sample Schedules (coming soon)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

ODW leverages the power of GIS using Esri’s ArcGIS® software suite. GIS enables ODW to better visualize and spatially analyze public drinking water data.

ODW has been able to use GIS to visualize data in novel ways on the web. Using Esri’s story map design, ODW has produced a map to visualize the distribution of water treatment processes employed in Virginia, such as chloramines and membrane filtration, and special source water categories such as groundwater under the influence of surface water (GUDI). Please click below to view the story maps.

Waterworks Treatment Techniques

Special Source Water Categories