CBERS 2019


Topic: Virginia CHEMPACK Program Overview

The Virginia Department of Health Office of Emergency Preparedness conducted the Community Based Emergency Response Seminar (CBERS) this spring throughout the state.  This year’s topic was an overview of the CHEMPACK program. The target audience was fire, EMS, law enforcement, emergency management, public health and emergency communications agencies.

CHEMPACK – Module One Final_PM\

For more information contact: Adreania Tolliver    adreania.tolliver@vdh.virginia.gov

CHEMPACK Points of Contact:

Central: Mike Magner-stephen.aigner@vdh.virginia.gov

Eastern: John Cooke-john.cooke@vdh.virginia.gov

Northern: Jeff Walker- jeffrey.walker@vdh.virginia.gov

Northwest: Michael Keatts-michael.keatts@vdh.virginia.gov

Western: Judy Cooling-judy.cooling@vdh.virginia.gov