N95 Respiratory Fit Testing Train-The-Trainer Training Information

N95 Fit Test

N95 Respiratory Fit Testing Train-the-Trainer Training Information

The Virginia Department of Health provides regional Respiratory Fit Testing Train-the-Trainer trainings. The purpose of the training is to ensure organizations that have staff that wear N95 respirators have qualified staff to provide respirator fit testing. In addition, the attendee can train others in the proper procedures for fit testing. This training is for qualitative testing using a hood and not quantitative testing.

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Course Duration: 3.5-4.0 Hours

Contact Donald.Moore@vdh.virginia.gov with questions

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Training Locations and Dates

Location Date
To Be Determined (TBD) TBD



Advance Preparation

Everyone that attends the Train-the-Trainer training needs to:

1. Show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or COVID-19 testing within 24 hours of the date of the training.  This will be verified on the day of the training as you sign in.

2.  Complete the OSHA Medical Questionnaire form (click here).
NOTE: Once this form is completed, it should be shared with and reviewed by the physician or other licensed healthcare professional (PLHCP).  The completed form is Protected Health Information (PHI) and does not need to be taken to the training.

Sample of a fictitious completed OSHA Medical Questionnaire form (click here).

3. Secure a physician or other licensed healthcare professional’s (PLHCP) signature on the Medical Recommendation form and bring it to the training.  This will be verified on the day of the training as you sign in (click here).

Sample of a completed fictitious Medical Recommendation form (Part 1) (click here).

4. Bring your N95 Fit Test Kit and N95 Respirator to training – See an example
NOTE: If you do not have a N95 respirator and/or fit testing kit, you will be provided with one for use during the training.

N95 Fit Test Kit

See an example of an N95 Fit Test Kit

Fit test kits are available for purchase from many medical suppliers.  Please check with your organization's medical supplier regarding the availability of fit test kits. You may find that because you are an existing customer that they may sell you a fit test kit ahead of non-existing customers.

IMPORTANT: Fit test kits will be available to use during the training if you do not have one.

NOTE: This webpage is current as of April 4, 2022.