VDH OEP Training

TRAIN Virginia houses all courses offered by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). Visit this free website to find, register for, and track courses offered by VDH and other public health agencies across the nation.

Point of Contact for Specific Training Areas:

ICS: James Sclater james.sclater@vdh.virginia.gov

Mass Dispensing: James Sclater james.sclater@vdh.virginia.gov

CBRN: Donald Moore donald.moore@vdh.virginia.gov

Active Shooter: Adreania Toliver adreania.toliver@vdh.virginia.gov

CBERS: Adreania Toliver adreania.toliver@vdh.virginia.gov

Exercise Training and Tabletops: Aaron Kesecker aaron.kesecker@vdh.virginia.gov

Epidemiology Investigations: Katherine McCombs Katherine.mccombs@vdh.virginia.gov

Data Analytic Questions: Meredith Olson Meredith.olson@vdh.virginia.gov

Population Health Questions: Khristina Kanagy and Kenesha Smith Khristina.kanagy@vdh.virginia.gov Kenesha.smith@vdh.virginia.gov