Limited Public Access to VDH Environmental Health Offices – COVID-19

The Office of Environmental Health Services (OEHS) has recommended that local Environmental Health (EH) offices limit access to the general public except in cases where there is a scheduled appointment with clients as part of the agency’s response to COVID-19.  EH services are still open and available, we are only recommending that interaction with clients be transitioned to telephone, email, fax, mail, and other means that do not require clients to physically come into local health departments to the greatest extent possible.

Payments for applications can still be received via check through the mail, or by credit card over the phone. Applicants seeking fee waivers may be required to schedule a visit to perform income verification; however, if this can be accomplished electronically, please do so.

VDH is focused on the safety and health of Virginians.  The top priority for our EH staff is assisting in the agency’s efforts related to COVID-19, and answering your questions and concerns about EH programs as they relate to COVID-19.  Staff will continue to investigate public health and environmental complaints; however, other programmatic priorities (e.g. inspections) may shift as resources are directed to the COVID-19 response.

We strongly encourage all applicants seeking onsite sewage (septic) and private well evaluation and design services to work with private sector providers.  You can find a list of service providers at  VDH will continue to process onsite sewage and private applications, and having the evaluation and design completed by a private sector professional will help us continue to provide timely services on request for construction permits and operation permits.

Routine food establishment, campground, migrant labor camp, hotel, and pool inspections are postponed until further notice. VDH will continue to respond to and investigate complaints, and respond to COVID-19 questions and concerns about the facilities we regulate, including the enforcement of food establishment seating and capacity mandates under the Commissioner’s Declaration of Public Health Emergency and Executive Order 53.

For more information, please contact your Local Health Department.  You can find the Local Health Department for your area at