Training Resources

TRAIN Virginia

CDC Public Health Courses
Virginia Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association
National Environmental Health Association
CDC- National Center for Environmental Health
Virginia Water Environment Association
National Sanitation Foundation
Conservation Technology Information Center
Chesapeake Bay TMDL
Waste Water Education
NC State University Distance Learning Programs

Onsite Training Center (VCOWT)

For those holding an Onsite Sewage Professional license (Evaluator, Operator or Installer) please consult the Onsite Sewage Professional Regulations (WWWOOSP Board, DPOR) for details of documenting training for Continuing Professional Education.  Refer to the Onsite Sewage Professional Candidate Information Bulletin for more details.

Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project, Inc. (SERCAP)

SERCAP is an organization dedicated to ensuring that all residents of the southeastern United States have adequate access to clean, safe drinking water and environmentally sound wastewater solutions.
SERCAP provides training, technical, and financial assistance to address water, wastewater, solid-waste, community development, and housing needs.
SERCAP’s individual programs and services focus on low-to-moderate income individuals living in rural communities throughout the organization’s seven state service region. SERCAP provides grant and loan assistance to individuals to help solve water and wastewater challenges, and also provides resources to ensure that individual households are warm, safe, and dry.
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