Infection Control Assessment and Response (ICAR)

Infection control assessment and response (ICAR) tools were developed by the CDC under the Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) Cooperative Agreement to assist health departments in assessing infection prevention practices and guide quality improvement activities.  These tools may also be used by healthcare facilities to conduct internal quality improvement audits.  ICAR tools are used to assess a facility’s infection prevention and control practices.  The assessments are not regulatory and are designed to identify a facility’s strengths and areas for improvement in infection prevention and control.  For more information, please check here.

Proactive assessments, completed when a facility is not currently experiencing an outbreak, can be conducted onsite at the facility. The VDH HAI/AR Program recommends conducting a reactive visit in certain circumstances like infection control breach or outbreak investigation in healthcare settings.  Reactive assessments may include COVID-19 ICARs. COVID-19 ICARs in long-term care facilities and outpatient dialysis facilities can be conducted onsite or virtually (teleICARs) in certain circumstances.  For questions regarding reactive ICARs and/or teleICARs, please contact


Proactive Onsite Infection Prevention & Control Assessments with VDH


All Virginia acute and long-term acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, outpatient clinics, and outpatient dialysis facilities are eligible to request proactive onsite assessments. 


Completion of an ICAR assessment and site visit, along with an agreement to take measures to improve infection prevention and control capacity.

Seven-Step ICAR Process
  1. Complete an ICAR request form and include facility demographic information
  2.  An ICAR team member from the HAI/AR Program reviews your request and contacts you by phone or email to schedule a remote or onsite visit
  3. Complete a self-assessment using the assessment tool that is specific to your setting
  4. Hold the remote/onsite visit with facility staff and ICAR staff
  5. The ICAR team summarizes the assessment results and provides recommendations and resources to address identified areas for improvement
  6. The facility implements ICAR recommendations 
  7. The facility completes a short progress update and potentially a follow-up visit after the initial assessment

ICAR Enrollment Process

Additional questions about ICARs? Please contact