Healthy Food Environments

Good nutrition is important for healthy bodies and disease prevention. We strive to provide nutrition education and programs to Virginians in need. This includes creating and supporting policies and that improve access to healthy foods.

Understanding Good Nutrition

  •  Dietary Guidelines for Americans: Releases guidance on what Americans should eat and drink in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle and prevent disease
  •  ChooseMyPlate: Includes recipes and tips for different age groups and audiences. The materials are translated in many languages.

Nutrition Programs

There are many federal USDA programs available in Virginia. These programs help Virginians access healthy, affordable food and meals and nutrition education.

Food Access and Disparities

It is important to understand the barriers in the accessibility of healthy foods. Some barriers include transportation, living in food deserts, and affordability of healthy foods. These barriers often affect racial and ethnic minorities, low income communities, and rural residents more.¹ Below are some local organizations that work to improve disparities in food access.