Family Planning and Birth Control


Do you plan to have children in the future?  If so, how many children do you want to have?  When do you plan to have them, and how far apart do you want to space them?  Having a reproductive health plan is a very important aspect of planning for the future.  The LENOWISCO Health District Family Planning Program encourages women and men with the resources to decide if they want to have children and if so, how many and how far apart they want to space them.

We provide a broad range of acceptable and effective family planning birth control methods and services.  This includes natural family planning methods, infertility services and services for teens.  You decide which one is best for you.

We provide services to everyone regardless of their race, citizenship status or income status.  Social security numbers are not required nor proof of residency in the county or city where the services are provided.

All services are confidential.  No information can be given to another person without the written consent of the person who received the services.

All services are affordable and provided at low or no cost based on your income. Our providers include skilled clinicians, nurses, and support staff.  Call today to schedule an appointment!

Family planning insurance for men and women is available now.  The name of this insurance is called PLAN FIRST. The local health departments are providers who accept PLAN FIRST family planning insurance. To find out more about PLAN FIRST, contact your local health department, your local Department of Social Services, or go to