Pharmacy Access Program

The Pharmacy Access Program is a program designed to assist qualifying patients in getting FREE or low-cost prescription drugs through participating Pharmaceutical Companies.  This is a FREE service for people of all ages who meet the qualifications and do not have any type of prescription drug coverage and are having problems purchasing their medications on their own.

Emergency assistance cannot be provided; each application for the individual medication may take as long as 4-6 weeks (possibly longer) for delivery.  For this reason, patients are asked to reapply for medications at least 4-6 weeks ahead of time to ensure that their medications are received before they run out.

This program requires proof of income; no application can be completed without this information.  The following documents are acceptable:

  • Tax Form (required if you file along with a recent proof of income)
  • W-2 Withholding forms
  • Pay stubble for last month’s wages
  • Documentation of workman’s compensation
  • Written verification of wage from employer
  • Court verification of child support or alimony
  • Latest leave and earnings statement for military personnel
  • Social Security, SSI, Black Lung, or survivor’s benefits (Copy of check, award letter, or copy of bank statement if income is direct deposit)
  • Letter of support from a friend or relative supplying you with food or shelter
  • Copy of ADC/Food Stamp Award Letter if this is your only means of support

***Not all medications are available through the Pharmacy Access Program.  Controlled substances (those in Schedule II-V) will not be requisitioned through the Pharmacy Access Program operated by local health departments.

For more information call the Pharmacy Connection Program directly at 800-744-7370 (in Virginia) or you may reach a coordinator at the Wise County Health Department at 276-328-8000.