2022 Virginia TB and Newcomer Health Biennial Nurse Meeting

We are excited that you are joining us for the 2022 TB and Newcomer Health Biennial Nurse Training! This year’s training will be held September 21-23 at the Hotel Madison & Shenandoah Valley Conference Center, 710 S Main St, Harrisonburg, VA 22801. Information about completing travel requirements was provided to nurse managers. If you need additional information or have questions please send an email to tuberculosis@vdh.virginia.gov.

Lodging for the nights of September 21 and 22 will be provided, unless you have been notified otherwise. Breakfast will be provided on September 22 and 23 as well as lunch on September 22. Funding has been provided to your health district to reimburse other travel expenses (mileage, per diem); please work with your supervisor to coordinate reimbursement.

Registration will start at 12 noon on Wednesday and our meeting will kick off promptly at 1:00PM. Please plan your drive accordingly so that you will be able to arrive before the meeting starts. Space will be available to store luggage prior to check-in.

If you have any questions leading up to the meeting, please email tuberculosis@vdh.virginia.gov. During the meeting, should you need assistance, please find a TB/Newcomer Health Program staff member or call the TB main line at 804-864-7906 and someone will connect you to on-site assistance.

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