Virginia Cancer Registry

The Virginia Cancer Registry (VCR) is a partner in statewide activities to promote cancer prevention, early detection, and successful treatment and care. The cancer information collected by the VCR describes the impact of cancer in Virginia and is used to assist cancer control and prevention programs and initiatives.

The Virginia Cancer Registry (VCR) is part of the Virginia Department of Health (VDH, Office of Family Health Services (OFHS), Division of Population Health Data. The VCR is a statewide registry of data on individuals diagnosed or treated in Virginia or Virginia residents who received cancer care out of state.

Virginia Cancer Registry Facilities Dashboard

The Virginia Cancer Registry has a brand new dashboard! The Virginia Cancer
Facilities Dashboard currently contains interactive maps and a contact directory
related to the cancer reporting medical facilities across the Commonwealth of
Virginia. The dashboard also contains a membership-only facility contact
directory which provides VCR reporting partners with the contact information for
the cancer reporting personnel at these facilities. The contact directory has been
established as a result of the feedback received from these stakeholders, which
has indicated the need. Please check it out!

2nd Quarter VCR LiveStory: Virginia Cancer Registry Facilities Dashboard