Index of Services

We offer a range of different services to the Chesapeake community.  Costs for medical services range from free to full fee based on the service provided and you and your families financial eligibility. Some services assess flat fees.

Quick list of our services

Service Costs and Financial Eligibility for Services

Financial Eligibility is determined by your proof of income and is determined once each year at every certification or whenever there is a change in your financial status. You must have identification and proof of income when services are provided. The following is a list of acceptable proof of income to determine your Financial Eligibility for services:

  • Pay Stubs – Provide either the most recent THREE months or the most recent if “Year to date” income listed
  • W-2 Form or income tax return for most current calendar year
  • Employer’s written statement regarding weekly, monthly, or yearly income
  • Unemployment notice from VEC (Virginia Employment Commission)
  • Letter of Termination/Layoff notice from previous employer
  • Statement of Social Security benefits or other benefits
  • Military LES (leave and earning statement)
  • Foster care statement from Social Services
  • Food stamps – Letter of eligibility
  • TANIF check stub
  • Medicaid card for current month
  • Free or reduced school lunch – letter of eligibility
  • Minors if not working must provide parents income to determine eligibility
  • Must have proof of residency
  • Must have proof of Identification