UVA COVID-19 Model Weekly Update

Key Takeaways

  • Cases are surging nationally. More than 1 million cases were reported in the US over the last 7 days according to the CDC.
  • Nationally, incidence almost doubled over the past two weeks.
  • In Virginia incidence is growing more slowly, but steadily.
  • Surges in populous Fairfax and Loudoun, and slow growth in other metro areas, portend rapid case growth statewide.
  • Statewide, the reproduction rate has been above 1.0 since late September. It remains above 1.0 in most regions as well.
  • Virginians should take extra precautions over Thanksgiving, including avoiding travel, indoor gatherings, and visiting persons at high risk, and isolating before or after any risky holiday activities.
  • Due to the holiday, there will be no model updates next week.

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