Informational Video Resources

Bacteriological Sampling Instruction Video:

RCAP: Coliform Sampling Best Practices

RCAP: Measurement of Chlorine Residual

AWWA Overview on Water Sampling Techniques: AWWA

AWWA Lead and Copper Sampling Video

AWWA Organics Sampling:

AWWA Coliform Sampling:

RCAP: Protecting Distribution System Water Quality:

RCAP: Hydrant Inspection and Flushing –

RCAP: Valve Maintenance –

AWWA introduces Pipeline Repair for Water Utilities:

AWWA Field Guide: Hydrant Flow Tests:

AWWA Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection Control: Applications & Installations:

Pump Control Valve Maintenance from Utah Rural Water:

AWWA Lime Softening Techniques for Water Operators:

USEPA Background on the WARN Initiative:

USEPA WARNs in Action:

Why Some Public-Supply Wells are More Vulnerable to Contamination Than Others by USGS:

RCAP The Importance of an Operator in a Community’s Water Systems:

RCAP What does it take to be an operator?: http//

Careers in Water and Wastewater Operations by

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