Long Term Care Mutual Aid Project

The Virginia Healthcare Emergency Management Program, a partnership between the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association (VHHA), initiated a project in 2015 that was funded through the Federal Hospital Preparedness Program.  This partnership engaged Russell Phillips & Associates to develop a statewide long-term care mutual aid plan (LTC-MAP), which included a site visit to each licensed nursing home in Virginia.

Russell Phillips & Associates developed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) representing a voluntary agreement among long-term care facilities to lend support to each other in a disaster.  This MOU was founded on the well-established principle of mutual aid—a standard of care in most emergency response disciplines.

The MOU establishes a course of action and an agreed commitment among long-term care facilities to assist each other as needed in the time of a disaster and provides a framework for the following:

  • Providing or sharing supplies, equipment, transportation, and staff with a facility when a disaster overwhelms their own community or exceeds the capability of their internal emergency operations plans
  • Coordinating with local, regional, and state response agencies
  • Utilizing pre-designated evacuation locations for residents during a disaster.

The VDH Offices of Licensure & Certification and Office of Emergency Preparedness, VHHA, Leading Age Virginia, and the Virginia Health Care Association support the MOU.

Long-Term Care Mutual Aid Plan MOU

We strongly encourage all eligible facilities to take advantage and become active, supportive members of this MOU; and we look forward to continued work on this initiative.  For information regarding the Virginia Healthcare Emergency Management Program, Regional Healthcare Coalitions, or the LTC-MAP, please feel free to reach out to any of the contacts below:



Region Coalition Name Regional Healthcare Coordinator
Central Central Virginia Healthcare Coalition Andrew Slater
Eastern Eastern Virginia Healthcare Coalition Glenn McBride
Far Southwest Far Southwest Healthcare Coalition Dan Gray
Near Southwest Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance Craig Camidge
Northern Northern Virginia Hospital Alliance Janet Engle
Northwest Northwest Region Healthcare Coalition Ron Clinedinst
Statewide Virginia Department of Health Patrick Ashley
Statewide Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association Kelly Parker