About Us

The Marina Program protects public health and the environment by educating boaters on the proper disposal of sewage and regulating onshore boating operations. As the popularity of recreational boating and other aquatic activities increases, the proper disposal of sewage is critical. The Marina Program oversees regulations that require marinas and other places where boats are moored to have adequate sanitary facilities in order to protect public health and improve water quality.

The Marina Program issues the Certificate to Operate (CTO) and conducts the annual inspection of all Marinas, Other Places Where Boats are Moored and boat ramps. The Marina Program staff cooperates with other state and federal agencies and private sector companies to process applications and review plans for regulatory compliance. The Marina Program also manages the Clean Vessel Act and the Boating Infrastructure Grants, both of which assist marinas in offsetting the cost of installing sanitary sewage collection systems and boating infrastructure.