Clean Vessel Act (CVA) Grant

Congress passed the Clean Vessel Act in 1992 to allow the Secretary of Interior to issue grants to coastal and inland States to fund the construction, renovation, operation, and maintenance of sewage pump-out stations and sanitary waste reception facilities. Prior to 1992, the United States Congress conducted a survey of states and found that there were an inadequate number of pump-out stations for Type III marine sanitation devices. For this reason the survey concluded that recreational vessels may be a substantial contributor to localized degradation of water quality. As a result of the Clean Vessel Act, boaters can expect to see more convenient and reasonably priced pump-out and dump stations, resulting in cleaner waters, creating a better habitat for fish and shellfish populations.

The Clean Vessel Act in Virginia provides financial assistance for the installation of sewage pump-out and sanitary waste dump stations. A portion of the funds are used to educate boaters and marina owners on the serious health and environmental threat posed by the discharge of sewage in the marine environment. Federal funds may constitute 75% of a project with the remaining funds supplied by the recipient of the grant money.

If you would like to apply for a Clean Vessel Act Grant, please consult the links below for information and the application associated with the grant process. For your reference you may access the application instructions below.


Keco Pump and Equipment

Edson International

EMP Industries

*There may be other pump-out manufacturers available. Please contact the VDH Marina Program for more information.

VDH also partners with Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources to administer the Clean Vessel Act Program and protect the Chesapeake Bay.

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