Code of Virginia

§ 32.1-246. Marinas.

A. The Board is empowered and directed to adopt and promulgate all necessary regulations establishing minimum requirements for adequate sewerage facilities at marinas and other places where boats are moored according to the number of boat slips and persons such marinas and places are designed to accommodate. The provisions of this section shall be applicable to every such marina and place regardless of whether such establishment serves food.
B. The Commissioner shall enforce the provisions of this section and regulations adopted thereunder.

C. No such marina or place shall operate unless in accordance with this section and regulations adopted and promulgated thereunder.

D. Whenever the Commissioner shall have approved the plan for the sewerage facilities of a proposed marina for presentation to the Marine Resources Commission as provided in § 62.1-3, he shall have the power and duty to enforce compliance with such plan.

§ 32.1-246.1. Signs or notices required on dump stations.

Any marina required to have a dump station pursuant to the regulations of the Board of Health shall clearly identify or placard such equipment by signs or other notices, indicating any fees, restrictions or other operating instructions as necessary.